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by Drax

MBLV21 just got hotter with Gitomer!

Mobile Beat Las Vegas continues to get Hotter!  MBLV just announced Jeffrey Gitomer as their main Keynote Presenter.  Gitomer is a world class business sales guru with more actual best selling books on sales than anyone else.  Gitomer is in a class all by himself.

This session is simply going to ROCK!.  You gotta be there.  If your not an ADJA member click this link.  If you are an ADJA member, check the special link in the members only area of our website for special pricing.


This year’s host will be none other than our good friend Todd Mitchem!

by Drax

ADJA Announces Major Sponsorship of MBLV21

The ADJA is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Mobile Beat as a major sponsor of the MBLV21 DJ show held in Las Vegas Nev. Next March!  This will be an amazing event with ADJA actually programming at least 3 of the seminars in the main room as “Education Powered by ADJA”.  This means that we are going to start bringing the content that you loved from LVDJS to MBLV!  This is the start of something really great.  We promised you that we were going to bring our industry together & we meant that.  There will be more announcements to come as the time passes.  This will be EPIC!  ADJA continues in leading the way to a better more unified industry.  Get your Passes today, or if you’re an ADJA member login to ADJA & go under my account / discounts & benefits!  The link will save you money!

by Drax

ADJA Supports Wedding MBA!

The ADJA as the largest representatives of the DJ industry will once again be anchoring the Wedding MBA not only with a booth but with a major presentation as well as sponsoring the entire DJ track. Get your ADJA Discounted Tickets here!

by Drax

ADJA Set To Rock ARMDJs 9.0!

Once again the ADJA is supporting regional education with ARMDJs 9.0.  The ADJA is pleased to be sponsoring breakfast & breakfast education for all attendees.  This year the ADJA even has a special discount code to save you money on your pass!  All you need to do is message the national office!  See you this June 20th.

by Drax

ADJA Rocks MBLV20!

THe ADJA, the largest registered trade association for DJs once again represented DJs & helped to provide them with excellent content.  Congrats go out to Ryan Burger & the MBLV team for a great event.  They really made their 20th a show to remember.  Nicely done.

by Drax

ADJA Set to Rock MBLV20!

The ADJA is pleased to announce that we will have a major presence at Mobile Beat Las Vegas on March 14-17, 2016, including our National Meeting. This will take the place of our own separate show so we encourage all of you to attend as we return to Mobile Beat Las Vegas as a fully participating exhibitor and industry partner.

Along with a booth in the exhibit hall, the ADJA will have its national meeting at MBLV20 (March 14-17, 2016), times TBA.

There will be no separate Las Vegas DJ Show in 2016. Instead, the ADJA will be promoting the Mobile Beat Las Vegas 20th Anniversary celebration (‪#‎MBLV20‬) as the key yearly event for ADJA members and other DJs to attend in 2016. Look for more information from the ADJA on its MBLV20 participation in upcoming months. Find out more about the ADJA at and about #MBLV20 at

by Drax

ADJA Supports Karaoke Summit

The ADJA supported the International Karaoke Summit 2015 held in Knoxville, TN recently.  This was an excellent opportunity for the ADJA to show support to it’s members that provide karaoke services as well as to represent our leadership to that industry.

ADJA CEO Dr. Drax was asked to host the event held in the studios of DigiTrax Entertainment.  Dr. Drax started the event off with an empassioned address to the Karaoke Industry to be better at respecting artist’s rights & supporting of legitimate karaoke manufacturers such as Digitrax Entertainment & Phoenix Entertainment Partners that are working hard to legally advance the industry.

Joe Vangieri CEO of Digitrax Entertainment commented on how pleased he was to have the CEO of the worlds largest association for DJs & karaoke hosts to attend and host the event.  Drax stated that All the presenters did a great job at conveying their messages.  It was particularly great that Drax was joined by the president of the local ADJA Knoxville Chapter, Hal Kinney.  Dr Drax was quoted as saying that “Hal made tremendous contributions to the success of the event”.

The ADJA & our sister association American Karaoke Host look forward to supporting the 2016 summit as well.

by Drax

ADJA Rocks NACE Foundation Party.

ADJA Rocked the NACE National Experience Foundation  Fundraising event.  ADJA National President Dr. Drax & Phoenix ADJA Chapter President Curtis Whipple rocked them all the back to the future transporting them with sight & sound to 1985…  This was a na80′s themed party.  Madonna was there, Prince was there, they all came out to party with the ADJA.  This event was made possible by the phoenix local chapter officers Budd Moyer, David Hoyt, Robert Walk & the amazing Scott Faver.   Living Energy a high end local Production company brought their guns to bare to help us to make this event.  Consider it CRUSHED!

by Drax

ADJA Supports the 2015 DJ Expo in Atlantic City.

Once again the ADJA supported education for DJs by supporting the 2015 DJExpo.  It was a great show.  Tons of exhibitors & plenty of networking for everyone.The Expo was put on by Testa Communications.  They did a tremendous job.  This was their 25th anniversary as the first & longest running DJ show in the Americas. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was great to meet so many members & colleagues at The 2015 DJExpo.  We will see you there is 2016

by Drax

ADJA Supports The Foundation of NACE Signature Event.

The ADJA is pleased to announce it’s support for the Foundation of NACE event on July 13th 2015 in Baltimore, MD.  The ADJA, who is one of the longest running partners with NACE, recently was awarded the Business Partner of The Year is once again a participating partner at the NACE National Experience conference.  This year The ADJA will take off all the chains to throw down the most killer party for the Foundation of NACE.  The Foundation of NACE is the fundraising arm of NACE that provides educational scholorships for members.  The goal this year is to raise the roof off the joint & increase donations by 50%.  To aid in this effort the ADJA has taken the lead in planning & organizing the entertainment for this event. This year will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Foundation of NACE, so we are going back in time to throw the biggest 80’s party ever. It will be beyond epic is how Dr. Drax describes it.  ADJA members of the Phoenix Chapter, Curtis Whipple & Dr. Drax will be there spinning a dueling DJ set as well as many local ADJA members helping on the event crew.  We are thrilled to once again be a part of the NACE Experience.