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by Drax

ADJA announces Michael Buffer as 2015 Las Vegas DJ Show Keynote Speaker


Glendale Arizona – January 29, 2015:  After last year’s superior educational content, conference organizer set their sights on an even higher level. To that end, Michael Buffer, the most recognized “Sports & Entertainment Announcer” in the world, will deliver the conference keynote.

During the keynote, attendees will learn how he went from watching a boxing match on television at home and complaining to his son about how the announcer was less than stellar, to becoming the highest paid announcer in the world.

Buffer will explain how his career grew over the years in many areas of sports and entertainment aside from just the boxing ring making him a role model for other announcers. He will explain in detail how he marketed himself into the brand “Michael Buffer” along with his world famous trademark brand, “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”®

The ADJA is confident that attendees will find him motivational, educational, and informative, while also being relatable to the announcing and emceeing that they do at the special events they are hired for.

Thank you for your time and attention to our press release. Please let us know if there is any way that we can be of any help to you in future articles.

The American Disc Jockey Association is the largest disc jockey organization in the United States. In addition to supporting members and local chapters, the ADJA also publishes an online magazine known as The Current Audition.

The ADJA hosts the Las Vegas DJ Show, annually. This year’s show will be held at Planet Hollywood, August 31, 2015 – September 2, 2015.

by Drax

ADJA Rocks Nace Foundation Event in Baltimore!

The stage was set, the lights went down & the ADJA team went to work transforming the NACE Foundation event from a ballroom to the hottest club in Baltimore.  Members from the Washington DC chapter pitched in with Foggers, confetti, & Lasers to augment the awesome front of house sound & lights from Higa Productions. 

The show opened with a dance set from ADJA president Dr. Drax.  He was followed by ADJA member & ADJA Hall of Fame inductee DJ Skribble who lit it up!  He tore through the genres & beats to keep everybody on the floor.   The party was high energy & showcased what ADJA member Djs are capable of.  Through our efforts we helped them to raise over $100K for the NACE educational scholorship fund.

Many NACE members were tweeting & posting about the awesome event commenting on how they now are getting a better understanding of the differences ADJA members can make to a celebration.

by Drax

ADJA Acquires WED Guild®!



The Dawn of a New Day for Wedding Entertainment Directors®

The American Disc Jockey Association is pleased to announce they have acquired ownership of the WED Guild®, Wedding Entertainment Director® and all related marketing associated with this established brand. Effective immediately, Dr. Drax will oversee all future efforts to build this brand to reach and exceed its true potential.

 As of today,July 14th, 2014 the WED Guild® will cease operations as an organization, though the website will remain as a central gathering place for consumers to learn more about the brand. The group (ie; those who have attained certification) will be absorbed under the umbrella of the ADJA. The term Wedding Entertainment Director® will remain a “credential program” and represent the top-tiered level of wedding certification for DJs within the ADJA and the Industry at large.

 “I am thrilled the ADJA has secured this brand for our members.” says, Dr. Drax, President of the ADJA. “This is yet another example that we spare no expense to elevate our profession for our members, our industry and for consumers.” he concludes. Jeremy Brech, WED® has been hand-selected to head-up the credentialing board. Stay tuned for many exciting announcements as the Wedding Entertainment Director® brand moves forward to represent the top credential program in the DJ industry.

Incoming Credential Chair . Jeremy Brech, WED® commented “The WED Guild application and certification allowed me to raise the bar in my market. We are excited that the application will still hold the foundation it was built on. To have the support and power from the ADJA is truly exciting for myself, the industry, and of course clients across the nation!”

WED Guild® Founder, Peter Merry, says, “This is a major turning point for the Wedding Entertainment Director® certification process and I am confident that Drax and Jeremy will do great things with it!”

 Former WED Guild® President, Liz Daley says, “I am thrilled with the ideas and opportunities for growth this new chapter in the progression of the WED Guild® brand will offer the DJ industry!  Dr. Drax and Jeremy Brech have a lot of great ideas that will help continue the ADJA’s mission to help DJs grow and build their businesses through legitimate professional certification programs that will help them stand out from the crowd.


by Drax

ADJA Responds to GMA’s Budget Wedding Segment

Here is a copy of a letter sent to Ms.Haines at Good Morning America.
Please repost & share as you seem best.

Dear Ms Haines,
I am writing to you today in the hopes that you may consider revisiting and revising a news segment that you did recently on GMA. By way of introduction, my name is Hugo Drax and I am the president of the American Disc Jockey Association. The ADJA represents over 5,000 professional DJs across the country. Our purpose is to provide education, tools, training etc. to our members to further their professional growth.

I have to say that I was disappointed with not only the sensationalism but also the lack of accuracy of your news segment and I am hoping to point out some facts that will assist you in understanding the wedding industry both for your viewers as well as for your own wedding.

I will limit this email to that of the entertainment at a bride’s wedding day since that is what we specialize in.

I am unsure where you received your $5,000 price as an industry/national average but your research isn’t even close to being accurate.  Looking at the March 2014 survey results from the Knot, one of the largest wedding resources in America, we can supply you with the actual figures.  The Knot surveyed over 31,000 brides nationally about their recent 2013 weddings.  A DJ’s typical price as a national average is $1038.  That is an extremely big difference from the $5,000 that you reported on GMA.  Similarly, the national average price of a wedding band was $3084. DJs make up 90% of the entertainment supplied at weddings today.

You discussed the idea of using your iPod.  That is a great idea, certainly a fabulous idea, if you want to be in total control of the music played.  What you failed to recognize was all of the other services provided to a bride by a DJ. Let’s start first with the equipment. What do you hook the iPod into so that the rest of the guests can hear what’s being played?  Without hiring a DJ, you now have the responsibility of renting a sound system for your wedding day. Does the average bride know what size of a sound system to rent? How will it get to the venue? How will it get back to the rental company? Who has the skill set to set it up and make sure it is sound checked accurately? Will there also be back up equipment rented in the case of any hardware failure? Who will be responsible for running it at the reception? A professional DJ always has back up equipment on site. How much will this all cost the bride?

Please keep in mind that all we have discussed thus far is the cost of the equipment rental. What about the music library? A professional DJ carries thousands of song titles to accommodate all of the various tastes a bride’s guests could have at a wedding. A typical iPod library would not have anywhere near the necessary amount of music to do even the most basic of wedding reception. Now you have to add in the cost of the music a bride would have to download, unless of course you are suggesting she illegally download it.

The DJ is not the music box, rather the DJ is required to artfully introduce all of the members of the bridal party, to carefully craft a grand entrance to be something meaningful, powerful and intensely personal.  To also work with a couple to craft their first dance, the cake cutting, the father-daughter dance,  as well as crafting many other traditional elements of the wedding reception into deep poignant memories.  Making each of these specific event activities or ceremonies at the reception into the something special that they really are.  When this happens, everybody enjoys the entirety of the reception, vs., they can’t wait till they can leave.  A truly professional DJ, such as those found in the American Disc Jockey Association, will allow your reception to be an event your friends and guests will never forget, instead of one they would like to.

 These are professionals that have taken the time to hone their craft, who take your wedding as seriously as their own.  That focus requires significant time and effort planning and rehearsing to see that your wedding is a fun and uniquely personal event.
This is what a professional wedding DJ does, they create memories. DJs create the moments.  A professional wedding DJ works closely with the photographer and videographer and the other event professionals to see that everything happens smoothly and seamlessly on behalf of the bride so that she can enjoy her wedding. Before a significant announcement is made, the photographer and videographer are already aware and are positioned appropriately to capture the very best images of this moment.

Considering all of the things that a DJ does in an effort to make a bride’s wedding day so memorable, it is our belief that a professional DJ should be able to command far more than the $1038 that is our current national average. Just like any industry we face our own challenges but when a national media  source like yours suggests even the idea of scrapping our services, you can understand why we feel the need to educate you.

It would be great if just once, the media would actually consult professionals in the wedding industry vs. resorting to sensational journalism for the sake of ratings.  Your other numbers utilized are similarly skewed to create sensationalist journalism vs. facts.  If you would ever care to discuss this my door is always open.  I can be reached at the American Disc Jockey Association , national offices at 888-723-5776 or at

by Drax

ADJA Supports NACE Foundation

The ADJA is pleased to announce it’s support for the Foundation of NACE event on July 14th 2014 in Baltimore, MD.  The ADJA, who is one of the longest running partners with NACE, recently was awarded the Business Partner of The Year is once again a participating partner at the NACE National Experience conference.  This year The ADJA will take off all the chains to throw down the most killer party for the Foundation of NACE.  The Foundation of NACE is the fundraising arm of NACE that provides educational scholorships for members.  The goal this year is to raise the roof off the joint & increase donations by 50%.  To aid in this effort the ADJA has taken the lead in planning & organizing the entertainment for this event.  It will be epic is how Dr. Drax describes it.  ADJA member & Hall of Fame recipient DJ Skribble will be there spinning a guest set as well as many local ADJA members.  We are thrilled to once again be a part of the NACE Experience.




by Drax

ADJA Announces South East Tour!

The ADJA is thrilled to announce that ADJA President Dr. Drax will be touring chapters in the southeast United States with stops in Tampa Bay, FL. , Atlanta, GA. , Savannah, GA, Hilton Head, SC, & Charlotte, NC.  Beginning April 28th.  Dr. Drax stated he is excited to resume touring local chapters to help them to build & grow their businesses as DJs.  He will be presenting a series of exciting seminars tailored to each local chapter’s needs.

Look for more announcements of local education tours to be made shortly.  ADJA does more so that you can do more!  If you would like to Bring the ADJA to your market, please contact the National office today!






by Drax

The Las Vegas DJ Show adds Public Enemy!

The Las Vegas DJ Show is thrilled st announce the addition of Public Enemy to be appearing at The Las Vegas DJ Show.  How cool is that?  Rock & Roll hall of fame inductees Public Enemy will be there up close & personal.  Keth Shocklee, Chuck D, Flava Flav.  It will be exciting to hear from these pioneers of Hip Hop about the art  form & style of early Hip Hop.  Additionally Keith Shocklee will be one of our judges for the DJ of the Year Contest.  Get your passes now for The Las Vegas DJ Show TODAY.


by Drax

ADJA Supports Midwest DJs Live!

The ADJA is once again a primary sponsor of The Midwest DJs Live event to be held in Minn. This month.  The ADJA is the leader is DJ education.  No other group does more to support DJs than The American Disc Jockey Association.  This year ADJA Regional Leader Mitch Taylor will be presenting a brand new seminar.  If your in the upper Midwest, you really should check out Midwest DJs Live.  There will be a special memberhip incentive at the meeting if your not an ADJA member as well as discounts on The Las Vegas DJ Show in Sept.   Be sure to get involved today!

by Drax

The Las Vegas DJ Show is Rockin’ it with Amazing Content

Once again The Las Vegas DJ Show kills it with incredible content to help working DJs to build & Grow their business. This year it is a veritable pantheon of killer presenters. The very best & brightest from inside & outside the industry are gathering in Las Vegas Sept. 7th -10th to sup at the well of knowledge. If your looking to build your business be sure you click the link above & get signed up before pass prices go up. This is one show you won’t want to miss.


by Drax

ADJA Supports Regional Conferences!

This past Week the ADJA supported not one but two regional conferences. The ADJA leads the way in supporting smaller regional conferences.  We support more local & regional events than any other organization.

The first event was the Disc Jockey News conclave 4.0.  This was a great event where DJs in the upper midwest  US came together to learn & to network.  The ADJA was a Gold Sponsor of this event & donated prizes to the drawing.

The second event was the SNAPDJ All Star Event.  This was held in Easton MA.  The ADJA was again a Gold Sponsor for this event providing support as well as prizes for the drawing.  Once again ADJA is everywhere DJs are gathering.  ADJA is the content leader in educating DJs in the USA.